May 23, 2017


Our expertise and your freedom of choice mean better Solutions for your business...

ClearSky has the solutions for any size and type of business. Whether you are a national distributor, wholesaler, retailer, e-commerce business or mobile company, or you run a medical office, full-service restaurant & bar, quick-serve convenience store or salon & spa, ClearSky Payments has you covered.

We provide businesses with innovative and powerful technology for Electronic Payment Processing: Debit/credit card transacting via intuitive POS systems, full-featured Virtual Terminals with email invoicing, e-commerce solutions, contactless smart terminals, countertop and wireless terminals, and the most advanced mobile solutions.

ClearSky also provides free gift card programs, appointment booking, software integrations, and a user-friendly Digital Platform that puts you in control of customer rewards, email, text & social media marketing, all your online reviews, and consumer retention.

 POS Systems – Robust, affordable, all-in-one systems for retail, restaurant, or quick-serve environments.

  Specialized Virtual Terminals & Gateways – For B2B, B2G, & professional services with recurring billing, invoicing and more.

  E-commerce Solutions – Secure payment gateways for online shopping carts.

 Contactless Smart Terminals – Top-of-the-line WiFi/4G POS hybrids with full-featured back office dashboards.

  Countertop Terminals – Retail, restaurant, office; all with NFC for a touch-free payment experience.

   Mobile – For on-the-go transactions. With POS apps for Android & iOS mobile phones & tablets.

  Free Gift Card Program – Digital, full customization, easy to use.

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