Looking for a Merchant Account? Thinking about Options?

The Choice is ClearSky

Considering or using your bank?

  • Hidden rate tiers, undisclosed fees & long-term contracts
  • Banks are not processors, they outsource
  • Lack of service, consultation, industry knowledge

ClearSky Payments provides full rate & fee disclosure, guaranteed low rates, and only month-to-month agreements. Our cornerstone is industry expertise and personalized consultation, resulting in the most effective and efficient solutions for your business.

Considering an Independent Sales Organization?

  • 1000’s to choose from; they partner with a bank and typically one processor.
  • Risky; almost anyone can start-up an ISO.
  • Captive to one line of products
  • Watch out for contracts, hidden fees, buyouts, lack of service, small print
  • Typically use telemarketers and poorly rated

ClearSky Payments is a 5-Star rated, vendor-neutral, Independent Agency; not an ISO. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of point of sale (POS) vendor options and the freedom of payment processor choice.

Considering or using a trendy provider?

  • PayPal, Square & do-it-yourself services like Wix have flat, higher rates
  • Countless customer service complaints
  • Account instability - sudden $ holds, reserve accounts, change in funding times, delayed funding

ClearSky’s Preferred Payment Processors are among the largest and most reputable in the world; providing stability, efficiency, next day funding and bringing quality and confidence to our clients.

By providing expert consultation and Service we empower our clients to choose the most efficient and effective Solutions for their needs, resulting in Serious Savings!