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Real merchants finding expert Service, the right Solutions and meaningful Savings at ClearSky Payments

A national distributor was formerly processing through their bank, using standard equipment. They were not taking advantage of direct Visa and Mastercard discounts available in the B2B space. ClearSky implemented a Specialized Virtual Terminal and personalized training that put these discounts into motion. Our expertise led to the recommended Solution that is now providing Savings of close to $26,000 per year for this wholesaler. That’s the ClearSky Difference!

A brick & mortar retailer needed to start accepting payments online, and on the go, to adapt to the changing consumer trends. Instead of piecemealing payment services and products and trying to figure it out on their own, they came to ClearSky for Service and expert consultation. This company’s omni-channel payment needs were met with an all-in-one Solution that now streamlines their operations, Saving the business resources, time and money.

This specialized retailer was processing payments through their software provider at over 3.2% in total fees. It wasn’t paying off, especially considering there was no personalized customer Service. ClearSky recommended a couple different Solutions, including a Smart Terminal to offer a touch-free payment experience for the retail consumer. Now processing at just over 2%, their Savings are highly significant. Their staff now has a direct contact for Support and are benefiting from a better overall processing experience.

A well-established neighborhood auto repair shop has been in business over 30 years. Trusting their bank to handle their processing, this shop runs approximately $80,000 per month and were paying an average effective rate of 3.16%! That’s very high for mostly card-present transactions. Included in their fees was an ongoing “non-pci validation” charge and other miscellaneous fees that were difficult to distinguish, and not necessary. As a ClearSky client, this shop pays no PCI fees, no miscellaneous side fees. On the day we set up their new equipment, we assisted them with PCI compliance. Within six months of processing with ClearSky, the shop has Saved over $5300.

“Our partnership with ClearSky has helped us realize over $30K annually in CC processing savings. We started collecting credit cards in 2008 with a mainstream provider and became burnt out on chasing rates every year and keeping up with all the nickel and diming. I brought Daniel in and gave him a laundry list of issues that needed to be checked off if we were going to consider a change. This was the first indication that ClearSky would be a great partner. Daniel showed genuine interest in understanding our issues and devising legitimate solutions for them. I gave him some tough tasks to achieve to earn our business and he met every single one of them and exceeded expectations on others. Daniel helped us take advantage of Level II and Level III discounts that no one else seemed to want to help us with. He stayed with us from consultation to implementation all the way to today, where he still provides strong support when needed. Integrity is a big factor for me, and Daniel has that. I would recommend him and his company to anyone with any size business, in any situation.”
Steve W.
Universal Chain Group, Inc

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