Freedom of Choice

- We Believe in Merchant Freedom of Choice -

ClearSky Payments is a Vendor-Neutral, 5-star rated, Independent Agency. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of hardware & software vendor options, and the freedom to choose from among the largest and most reliable payment processors in the world, providing stability, quality and confidence.

When the right solutions & technology are matched to your specific needs, greater efficiency, productivity and savings are achieved. This freedom of choice, coupled with our industry expertise and personalized consultation, results in the most effective solutions for your business.

Personalized & ongoing service ensures overall account and equipment stability, and keeps rates and fees in check with statement reviews.

Would More Choice & Better Service Benefit Your Business?

Using or considering a bank?

  • Banks are not processors. They typically outsource to only one company, offering you no choice
  • Hidden rate tiers, undisclosed fees & often long-term contracts
  • Bank employees typically can’t provide personalized service, don’t have expert industry knowledge

ClearSky Payments provides full rate & fee disclosure, guaranteed low rates, only month-to-month agreements, and personalized service.

Getting calls from those Independent Sales Organizations?

  • Generally captive to one line of products
  • Risky; almost anyone can start-up an ISO
  • Watch out for contracts, hidden fees, buyouts, lack of service, small print
  • Typically are poorly rated

The Choice is ClearSky.

What about those trendy options?

  • PayPal, Square & do-it-yourself services like Wix tend to have higher, flat rates
  • They offer little to no personalized customer service
  • Account instability: sudden $ holds, reserve accounts, delayed funding

At ClearSky Payments, you'll find fast funding, Savings, Service, and Stability. 

By providing expert consultation and Service, we empower our clients to Choose the most efficient and effective Solutions for their needs, resulting in meaningful Savings!

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